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In Need To Increase Our "Community Portal" Numbers For These Final Two Months!

Posted by Merit Celaire on Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 05:16 PM

Good afternoon, friends; just snagging the chance this afternoon to let you faithful followers/listeners of these beloved music operations as a whole know that we are definitely in a very great need to get our exisiting community portal numbers increased between now and the end of year related to our endeavors here. As of the date and time of this posting, here's where things stand:

(1) The SoundCloud Portal still leads with a total of 126 followers on that platform housing my personal favorites of Super Nintendo music styled arrangements featured for these operations as a whole.
(2) The Twitter Portal (yes, we still call it that, even though it's called "X" for reasons that yours truly can't even understand at all) stands at a follower count of 70.
(3) The Discord Portal still is holding on with a server member count of 12.
(4) And although it's true that it's considered to be the "least used method" in this day and age, our "IRC Portal" (on EsperNet) usually fluctuates between 2 - 4 members.

The "Forum Portal" angle is still a different case, but I honestly have not forgotten about that; at this time I'm still playing catch-up on a whole lot of music operations related stuff on the backend due to so many real life matters outside these operations that literally keep getting in my way. I'm still honestly hoping that I can elaborate on this angle a whole lot further in another post down the road since I'm more than aware it's been two to three years since that part of the site was taken out of action due to unfortunate circumstances and such.

But as for the other existing interactive community portals mentioned above that are in action, why do I say about these numbers at this time? Because especially as your truly is about to get ready for getting our next batch of Super Nintendo music styled arrangements posted for these operations as a whole (hint: they're all targeting songs heard in Super Mario Bros. Wonder), we definitely need to step up our game between now and the end of this year to get all of those numbers to increase!

The "criteria" in terms of joining any of our community portals (as shown on this page) still applies, however (especially if you're attempting to submit a follower request at our Twitter page or applying for a temporary server invite link to our Discord server). Remember that in the case of Twitter and Discord follower applications, I still have to manually review and approve any new requests received before you're granted full access to those specified portals there. The SoundCloud Portal page and our IRC Channel on EsperNet is an entirely different story, but still make sure that you have answered our music operations related "criteria questions" that are asked here before attempting to join our followings there as well.

That all said, even though that although yours truly is the only person who is the main author/site administrator/operations administrator of these entire endeavors as a whole, remember that this is still absolutely nothing without your heartfelt support from the faithful followers/listeners angle. This one thing is certain that I do not in any way, shape, or form take what's been God-given to me regarding managing of this site as well as doing the Super Nintendo music style cover process here for nearly fifteen years for granted. I know I still have a lot of work to do to catch up and focus/start planning on what's next for these endeavors down the road after this 2023 year is in the history books and we do it all over again for the upcoming 2024 year, but I still have the faith that there are still many people out there who are dedicated fans of Nintendo's Super Mario videogame series who may still be very curious on how many of the songs from the modern installments would sound in the beloved Super Nintendo music style process and it makes me happy to know that I'm able to help in a way give those answers; here's hoping this definitely continues between now and the end of this year - but please still don't hesitate to definitely join our existing community portals mentioned above in the meantime so that you don't miss any new postings from yours truly when they go live!

Thanks again in advance for your heartfelt support in advance, especially to those of you viewing this and are attempting to join our existing and active community portals at TwitterDiscordSoundCloud, and our IRC channel on EsperNet; also, don't forget that you also have a say in our online suggestion forms as well to let me know what kind of stuff you're keeping track of for these music operations as a whole. All of this means a whole lot to me as I still continue this mission of covering all of these awesome "modern" Super Mario (main, spinoff, and branched) tunes in the beloved Super Nintendo music style, and as I mentioned earlier, it looks like that mission will definitely continue as soon as the first batch of covers targeting songs from Super Mario Bros. Wonder gets posted before this week is out, so stay tuned on that angle! Until then, see you all later.

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"Super Mario Bros. Wonder" Game Page Incoming This Week; Here's Where Things Stand

Posted by Merit Celaire on Monday, November 6, 2023 - 02:31 PM

Good afternoon, faithful friends/followers/listeners of these beloved music operations as a whole; just snagged to touch bases with you all regarding what's been going on with yours truly on the backend as my Super Nintendo music styled arrangement covers process continues in earnest.

And they are definitely in that status in regards to the upcoming covers that I've been working on targeting stuff from the recently released Super Mario Bros. Wonder installment which has received literal high marks all over the world from videogame hobbyist critics, and Mario series gameplay hobbyist communities alike. In case you haven't noticed from our progress page yet, we now have a total of eight files as of the date and time of this posting to finalize and post on the site which will also result in the respective game page housing Super Nintendo music styled arrangement covers tareting songs from Super Mario Bros. Wonder to be added.

The goal is to see about possibly getting this finalization process done and the Super Mario Bros. Wonder page itself in action during the course of this coming Wednesday or Thursday, although I still cannot offer any guarantees. But one thing is certain: the Super Mario Bros. Wonder installment is a literally big deal and I definitely wanted to make sure we got the Super Nintendo music styled cover process going involving music from this same game as soon as possible; when the respective page goes live in due time, you'll find out why I say this.

This one thing is also very certain which is Super Mario Bros. Wonder musical score related as well: although I said this in a previous post on the site almost one week ago, it bears repeating again - although the marketing campaigns for Super Mario Bros. Wonder tell us to "[expect and prepare for] the unexpected" on the gameplay end itself, I'm making sure that our planned upcoming Super Nintendo music styled covers will be nothing short of awesome, so expect nothing less on that angle when the time comes for the upcoming page housing the first batch of new music files focused on stuff from Super Mario Bros. Wonder goes live for our operations very soon.

Once again, a final reminder before I go: still don't hesitate to let me know via this online form what songs from Super Mario Bros. Wonder you hope will be considered for my planbook in the weeks and months to come even after the respective game page gets in action, hopefully within the next few days.

Thanks in advance to all of you for your patience and support on this related matter at hand, and I'll see you all next time around. Take care for now.

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November 2023 Greetings: The "Final Two Months" Arrive / Upcoming "Super Mario Bros. Wonder" Music Arrangement Covers Continue In Earnest

Posted by Merit Celaire on Wednesday, November 1, 2023 - 08:54 AM

Good morning, faithful friends/followers/listeners of these beloved music operations as a whole; we have at last arrived at the "final two months" of the 2023 year, and it's definitely go time thanks to two major holidays that fall around this period: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But on the music operations end here from yours truly on the backend, this one angle was already in literal go time since late last night: the Super Nintendo music styled arrangement process targeting songs from Super Mario Bros. Wonder has literally been progressing in earnest. At this time, according to my planbook, this installment in question that got released onto Nintendo Switch consoles since late last month has undoubtedly jumped to nearly "high priority" status because of the musical score that was done for it. And as of last check from our "Music Arrangements Progress Page", we literally have seven covers on standby to get finalized and posted for sharing with you all, and I'm still searching for at least one or two more to get the respective game page started very soon (currently, the plan is to get it implemented on our site before the end of this year, so stay tuned). Details are still under lock and key on what songs from Super Mario Bros. Wonder have been targeted to get the upcoming page rolling; in the meantime, if you haven't done so already, if you ran into any song candidates from this game which you hope I'll consider for my planbook to do covers on, please don't hesitate to let me know about those candidates on this form (just remember to mention "Super Mario Bros. Wonder" in question 2B).

I have other music operations news that I need to share during the course of this month, but I need to end this "monthly greetings entry" here for now as I'm just getting up and getting ready for the day itself ahead. As always, if you have any further questions about this music operations wise, make sure to let me know on this main inquiry contact form, and I'll see you awesome people next time around. Take care until then.

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"Super Mario Bros. Wonder" Release Day (Now Accepting Song Candidate Suggestions)

Posted by Merit Celaire on Friday, October 20, 2023 - 04:59 PM

"Super Mario Bros. Wonder" group image courtesy of Nintendo of America's Play Nintendo site portal

Good afternoon, faithful friends/followers/listeners of these beloved music operations as a whole; as you all are very well aware, today is the highly anticipated release day for the newest platforming adventure installment in the Super Mario series as a whole: Super Mario Bros. Wonder. To those of you who have a Nintendo Switch console and are a dedicated fan of the Super Mario game series itself, make sure that you snag the opportunity to see about checking this out for sure (and if you haven't become aware of the game's story/objective and what to prepare for, check out this video from Nintendo of America's YouTube profile page).

We were also given hints from the marketing campaigns related to this game to "expect the unexpected" as we help Mario and company through the courses and counter the threat caused by Bowser and his crew after they invaded the Flower Kingdom and got their hands on a Wonder Flower to wreak havoc all over the locale. That may be true on the gameplay front in general from what we've seen and heard so far. But take note on the music operations front from yours truly: expect nothing less in terms of upcoming Super Nintendo music styled song covers targeting stuff from this game when the time comes for said game page to be added for this site housing said files. Stay tuned on that.

In the meantime (and to the point of this blog entry posting), we are now accepting song suggestion candidates via this online form related to stuff heard in the Super Mario Bros. Wonder game. However, please be aware that this title is not shown in question 2A of the form yet since a respective game page is not in action for this site yet. If you do run into any candidates in which you're hoping will be on my planbook's radar as the months forge ahead, make sure that you note the Super Mario Bros. Wonder title in question 2B of the same form until further notice. Thanks in advance for your understanding on this, and I look forward to hearing from many of you on what possible suggestions you might have for me as I definitely hope to get ready to get the Super Nintendo music style arrangement process started related to this aforementioned installment in the coming months. See you all later.

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