We still need your input on what songs from modern Super Mario games (main, spinoff, and branched installments) do you think should be considered for upcoming Super Nintendo music style covers as we get through this "final quarter" of 2021.

If you haven't done so already, go to this form submission page to send us your "song candidate suggestions". Don't forget to read the guidelines in full before filling out and submitting the form itself. For those who have sent in song candidate suggestions before, thank you. But if you run into any more possible "candidates" for our review, please let us know about them as well so we can review them upon receipt. Take care for now.

Suggestion Forms - Song Candidate Submissions


(1) If you're here to see about submitting song candidates for my consideration targeting stuff heard in Mario Golf: Super Rush and/or WarioWare: Get It Together! - These installments don't have their respective game pages added here yet; when filling out the form below, don't forget to mention one of these two said games in question 2B (after selecting "None of these" from the dropdown menu in question 2A).

(2) In the case of submitting song candidates for me to consider in relation to Mario Party Superstars - Please hold off on doing this process until on or after this upcoming installment's release date (which is currently slated for 10/29/'21).

Thank you all in advance for your cooperation on this matter.

This suggestion form for these music operations is to allow you faithful followers/listeners to submit song candidates that you think that yours truly should consider in future Super Nintendo music style arrangement attempts in the weeks and months to come. But before filling out the form details below for submission, please consider the following:

(1) This is still not to be treated as a "personal request" form (as in, you're submitting a song candidate suggestion hoping that I'll have it fulfilled for you in due time). However, this will give me an idea in terms of what kind of songs you all are hoping that I'll consider doing Super Nintendo music style arrangement covers for in the weeks and months to come.

(2) Only song suggestion candidates from "modern" Super Mario (main and branched) game installments (both main installments and spinoff installments) will be honored. This includes songs that were done for the aforementioned game installments done for the Nintendo Wii console, Nintendo WiiU console, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, and the mobile installments (like Mario Kart Tour, for example, from that angle).

(3) This isn't the form to suggest what featured Super Nintendo music instrument set(s) should be considered for any new "song candidate suggestions" being submitted from this form. However, there is a separate form which has a subsection focused on the currently featured SNES music instrument sets themselves for this angle of our music operations as a whole here, and you're able to access it by going here.

(4) Please make sure that you also enter a valid email address (this is in the event that I might need to get back with you regarding clarifying what's being submitted from this form).
"Song Candidate Submission" Form

(1) Your Email Address:

(2A) Which featured Super Mario game installment (main or branched, including spinoff games) are you targeting?

(2B) If "None of these" was selected from the question 2A list dropdown above, please specify which Super Mario game installment (main or branched) you are targeting in this song candidate submission.

(3) Finally, what song in question from the Mario game specified in this form (main or branched) are you hoping will be considered as a possible Super Nintendo music styled arrangement candidate in the near future for these operations?


Prior to processing of this form, you'll be redirected to a separate page by Formspree; this is the Anti-Spam measure put in place to ensure that you are indeed a real person. We appreciate your cooperation in advance.

Upon successful completion of processing itself, you'll be returned to this page.

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