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Extras - Contact Us - Main Website Inquiries

Please make sure to read these instructions in its entirety very carefully before filling out and submitting the form below.

This email form is for inquiries regarding the main website operations/management itself (excluding the "Forum Portal" area of the site; the contact form for that will be reactivated when it finally returns in due time).

Also, make sure to keep these things in mind as well:

(1) As of September 2022, the "operation"/"layout" of this form has slightly changed. Ensure that along with answering questions 1, 2, 4, and 6, you take note of the "dropdown" questions for 3 and 5. The third question now allows you to choose a category for what kind of inquriy is to be filed, while the fifth question is to declare a "priority status" for the inquiry that you're about to send.

(2) All "main website inquiries" received from this form are subject to review. This also means that you're to make sure what's being sent to our correspondence is mainly focused on matters related to these music operations as a whole. It is not an attempt to get in touch with the author/site administrator personally on other matters.

(3) Please make sure that you have a very legitimate reason to send an inquiry to us from this form. Like all the other submission forms here on this site, and as stated below, our partner account at Formspee is handling the processing of form submissions to our correspondence. Any submissions received from this form counts toward the deduction of their "50 submissions per month" restriction (more details on that can be read here). Additionally, as stated in this article, from our end, we're only able to send up to 30 emails at this time as per restrictions under our hosting account with AwardSpace due to their abuse prevention efforts.

(4) Finally, make sure that you use a valid email address. This ensures that after the review of any inquiries being received from here, there won't be any major issues with email processing/delivery being made if any responses to them from us get made.

Along with writing in the subject line what you're planning to address in said inquiry itself, please include in the details box what music operations related questions/concerns you may have that need to be addressed/clarified. We strive to answer all legitimate correspondence received from this form within 24 - 48 hours (Monday - Friday, excluding major holidays that fall under said work week); any correspondence received during the Saturday - Sunday timeframe will be reviewed the following Monday.

NOTE: Check that all fields below are accounted for prior to submitting; otherwise, there might be a slight delay in review processing.

(1) Your Name:

(2) Your Email Address:

(3) Which category should this inquiry be filed under?

(4) Inquiry Subject:

(5) Priority Status:

(6) Inquiry Details:


Prior to processing of this form, you'll be redirected to a separate page by Formspree; this is the Anti-Spam measure put in place to ensure that you are indeed a real person. We appreciate your cooperation in advance.

Upon successful completion of processing itself, you'll be returned to this page.

KEEP IN MIND: All submission attempts made on this form count toward the deduction of the 50 emails limit per month policy from Formspree until further notice. For more information about this restriction to prevent abuse on their end, please refer to this article.

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