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June 2020 Greetings: The "Summer Months Period" Begins, But Not What We Were Hoping For

Posted by Merit Celaire on Monday, June 1, 2020 - 10:26 AM

All right, friends; it's time for all of us to brace ourselves and officially begin our "summer months period" for these beloved music operations!

Although I'm excited and grateful that we've reached this special period of the 2020 year, I'd be lying if I said that I'm back to "full normalcy" yet; far from it. Which also explains this blog entry's title because unlike the past few years, this "coronavirus pandemic" having an entire grip all over the world has still been forcing all of us to change our respective schedules/routines.

On the music operation side, especially on the backend - I've still been juggling my schedules in trying to find time to make progress on my music style arrangement targets - the only challenge has been trying to find the needed breakthroughs for finalizing my stuff to share with you in the weeks and months to come. Case in point, as you can tell from our Music Arrangement Progress Page, my backlog has been steadliy increasing; and recently, it has been involving more songs for our upcoming page for Mario Sports Superstars. Additionally, I've been work on more music arrangement stuff targeting the Mario Tennis Open score. Add in the fact of many other songs just waiting to be worked on, finalized and out the door as I am battling this horrifying pandemic like the rest of you, and this has already started to become one very unusual start to the "summer months period".

But I'm still optimistic that we'll get through this hurdle. Once again, if you haven't already, please make sure to read this article that I wrote almost one to two months ago regarding the state of these music operations as a whole ever since this "coronavirus pandemic" got officially declared since mid-March. As always, I'll keep you faithful followers/listeners posted on any new breakthroughs as they happen. Until then, all of you stay strong and let's get through these "summer months" together. I'm out for now.

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Quick PSA: Make Sure Your Web Browsers Are "Current" and "Compatible"

Posted by Merit Celaire on Saturday, May 23, 2020 - 09:50 PM

Although this does not apply to the navigation of our "home base website" itself here, I have received confirmation from the backend regarding "partner websites" (including our file hosting account with MEGA) that now is the time to make sure that any browser which you are using is "current" and "compatible" with the standards of website handling procedures today. For example, and I believe it is now safe to say this: if you're currently viewing our site (or any other website related to here) using the Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 browser, chances are that you're going to run into some error messages saying that the said browser is deemed "outdated" and an upgrade is needed as soon as possible for the best website browsing experience possible.

At this time, the recommended browsers to use not just for this place, but for website browsing as a whole include: Google Chrome (highly recommended), Mozilla FirefoxApple Safari, or Opera. I am aware about the "Microsoft Edge" browser as well, but I haven't run into any confirmations about if the majority of today's websites are "compatible" with that browser, although it's supposed to be the successor to the "Internet Explorer" browser itself.

The bottom line is this: any web browser out there that isn't matching the "standards" of navigating today's websites, especially in the terms of the "loading/compability process" is considered to be pretty much "dead" at this point. So once again, please do yourself (and your computer) a favor and check to see if you do have one of the above mentioned browsers installed to continue browsing not just this site, but any other "major site" outside of here for the best navigation results.

Thanks in advance for your time and reading this PSA itself, everyone; I'll see you folks next time around. Until then, take care.

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New "Paper Mario" Game Incoming on 7/17/'20: "The Origami King"

Posted by Merit Celaire on Thursday, May 14, 2020 - 04:59 PM

This just in to our operation's newsroom since this morning, everyone: an all-new Paper Mario installment is about to make its way to the Nintendo Switch console, under the name of Paper Mario: The Origami King.

Details are still forthcoming about this installment in question, but from the stuff that I've gathered so far from Nintendo of America's site for the game (as well as the related announcement trailer), yours truly might have some Super Nintendo music style arrangement candidates to look forward to regarding this game after it hits store shelves on July 17, 2020. In short, it's on our radar.

If there's any more music arrangement operations news in regards to this matter as the months forge ahead, I'll be sure to let you know as always. Take care for now, all!

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SoundCloud Portal: Doing Routine Maintenance This Weekend (4/9/'20 - 4/10/'20)

Posted by Merit Celaire on Saturday, May 9, 2020 - 08:16 PM

As of the date and time of this blog entry post, everyone, I am currently checking through our SoundCloud Portal of these music operations to see if any song removals need to be made from there in order to free up timespace so I can post more "personal favorites" as the months forge ahead (which will obviously happen after we have gotten through this "coronavirus pandemic" that we are all still dealing with at this time). As you all can recall, the account in question is still in the "free/SoundCloud Basic status" which means that I am allowed a total of 180 minutes for posting (unless the account gets upgraded to a "Pro status"). And at last check on the account itself, it currently has a total of 22 minutes remaining (158 minutes have been used so far).

Right now, this is the only maintenance that we're dealing with for the time being; I am more than aware that for our existing posts on the aforementioned account (prior to October 2019), the descriptions point to old URLs that hosted our "home base website" of these operations since years ago. Hopefully when I get a much clearer head, I can see about addressing this matter down the road.  But until then, I still definitely recommend to make sure that you click the links on our SoundCloud profile page itself because those are the valid/working ones including those pointing to this site, the link to our Twitter profile, and the application link for access to our Discord server.

Also, on a related note, I'm still hoping to work on a side article regarding activity for our SoundCloud itself from you faithful visitors/listeners/supporters; until then, it bears repeating from the last post I made here that you're really making sure that some certain "personal favorite" Super Nintendo music style arrangements that I've posted there one to two months ago are making their way to the top of this list. Alongside that, you guys are still into a Super Nintendo music style arrangement of a certain "staff credits" song that I've posted there since way back when! But once again, I'll elaborate on that more another day.

Until then, take care for now, everyone, and have a great rest of your weekend. Continue to stay safe, and I'll see you awesome people again next time around. I'm out.

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