Quick PSA: Make Sure Your Web Browsers Are "Current" and "Compatible"

Posted by Merit Celaire [ mailto: ]
Date: Saturday, May 23, 2020 - 09:50 PM
Category: Miscellaneous

Although this does not apply to the navigation of our "home base website" itself here, I have received confirmation from the backend regarding "partner websites" (including our file hosting account with MEGA) that now is the time to make sure that any browser which you are using is "current" and "compatible" with the standards of website handling procedures today. For example, and I believe it is now safe to say this: if you're currently viewing our site (or any other website related to here) using the Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 browser, chances are that you're going to run into some error messages saying that the said browser is deemed "outdated" and an upgrade is needed as soon as possible for the best website browsing experience possible.

At this time, the recommended browsers to use not just for this place, but for website browsing as a whole include: Google Chrome (highly recommended), Mozilla FirefoxApple Safari, or Opera. I am aware about the "Microsoft Edge" browser as well, but I haven't run into any confirmations about if the majority of today's websites are "compatible" with that browser, although it's supposed to be the successor to the "Internet Explorer" browser itself.

The bottom line is this: any web browser out there that isn't matching the "standards" of navigating today's websites, especially in the terms of the "loading/compability process" is considered to be pretty much "dead" at this point. So once again, please do yourself (and your computer) a favor and check to see if you do have one of the above mentioned browsers installed to continue browsing not just this site, but any other "major site" outside of here for the best navigation results.

Thanks in advance for your time and reading this PSA itself, everyone; I'll see you folks next time around. Until then, take care.

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