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We're Now Going On 11 Years In Action!

Posted by Merit Celaire on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 - 09:13 PM

My gosh, everyone, has it really been eleven years since this beloved music operation started by yours truly on a Nintendo fan community forum could grow into something like this?! Although many things changed over time, my passion for Nintendo's Super Mario videogame series as a whole has not, and neither has my mission to do Super Nintendo music style covers for the "modern installments".

Once again, I still give my shoutouts to the videogame music community "insiders" who've given me leads and an interest to do Super Nintendo music style arrangement cover stuff in general. There's too many to list because I want to keep this short, plus I seriously need to get some much needed sleep after I get this blog entry posted.

Which brings me to another thing: because of the "Nintendo Direct" presentation happenings that occured earlier this evening, the first music arrangement update for this year is going to have to be done during the course of tomorrow, 2/18/'21. As I already stated earlier, I'm exhausted as we speak and need to rejuvenate my mind before proceeding further with the process itself accordingly. But the files themselves are finalized and ready to go for posting to share with you; you still have time to guess on the "clues" that I elaborated on in the latter part of this article that I posted on a few days ago. The answers will be released when said files are posted during the course of tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Until then, I gotta shut down and get some much needed rest. See you all later.

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Nintendo Direct Incoming for 2/17/'21

Posted by Merit Celaire on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 - 09:11 AM

Well this is huge news that came out of the blue, everyone.

This just in: the folks at Nintendo of America have announced that an all-new Nintendo Direct posting is scheduled for during the course of tomorrow, 2/17/'21. And this is the date which happens to coincide with our beloved music operations here overally about to officially reach its 11th anniversary!

So along with plans to see about getting our first batch of new Super Nintendo music style arrangements posted for during the course of that same day, if nothing else interferes on that angle (which I elaborated in this article here), now I have to prepare for double duty to see if any Mario game installments (main, spinoff, and branched) will be shared in this upcoming Nintendo Direct presentation to find some new "music candidates" to look out for in doing possible arrangement covers for them.

Until then, you all know the drill: as soon as I view the presentation and checked out any Mario installment related contents that may be shared in it (main, spinoff, and branched), an article will be written up discussing about it in the days to come. Stay tuned.

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Valentine's Day Greetings for 2021 / New Music Arrangements Incoming This Week

Posted by Merit Celaire on Sunday, February 14, 2021 - 10:32 PM

Hey there, friends; I hope that all of you faithful followers/listeners of these beloved music operations are having a very good Valentine's Day. As for yours truly, it's been great on my end; in fact, I spent the majority of this day to work on the first batch of upcoming Super Nintendo music style arragements for the 2021 year, and it looks like we're on track to get them posted during the course of this coming week itself. I honestly was hoping I'd post them in honor of this special day today, but between now and Tuesday, I've got other obligations that I need to deal with (including having to deal with jury duty on Tuesday morning). 

But this may be a blessing in disguise because it is planned to have the first new batch of Super Nintendo music style arrangements posted for these operations during the course of this Wednesday, February 17th... which will mark the 11th anniversary of these beloved music operations as a whole. Now, details are still under lock and key in regards to what will be shared on that day, but I'll leave you with a few hints to see if you can guess what I was targeting in my planbook during this time:

* These batch of songs are targeting a "branched" game that doesn't have a page yet on this site (and it's new for these operations as a whole); the said game installment itself was developed for the Wii console years ago.
* The songs in question target a certain "stage set" from the "branched game" in question; the stage set itself focuses on a certain female character (and possibly a "supporter group" as well).
* On the Super Nintendo music arrangement process end, the newest covers of the songs I've been targeting involve a certain instrument set that I have not touched since two to three years ago.

Once again, I'll leave you all to guess what "branched game", character, and Super Nintendo music instrument set in question I'm trying to refer to; the answers will be revealed when I can finalize this stuff to post and share with you during the course of this coming Wednesday, unless other situations arise that might have me change some plans around. Stay tuned, all; I'm gone for now.

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Another Quick Reminder Involving Song Candidate Suggestions from "Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury"

Posted by Merit Celaire on Saturday, February 13, 2021 - 09:31 AM

All right, everyone; as we already know, the Nintendo Switch port of Super Mario 3D World got released onto store shelves yesterday (and onto the Nintendo eShop as well), but under the name of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury because of the "added extras" that weren't present in the original Wii U game which include, but are not limited to the "Bowser's Fury" angle, which is one of the major extras here. As such, and as promised in a previous blog entry posted, I've made sure to modify our respective "suggestion forms" accordingly (specifially the "Song Candidate Suggestions" form and the "Featured Mario Installments / SNES Music Instrument Sets" form) to reflect this.

This means that I am now able to especially receive any "song candidate suggestions" from you in regards to what songs in question from this installment you're hoping that I'll plan to target in the months to come. But remember that any new candidates from the main Super Mario 3D World game, if considered, for the Super Nintendo music style arrangement process will go on this page; candidates that are considered for the "Bowser's Fury" side of the said Nintendo Switch game itself will be housed on a sub-page that will be branched from the main Super Mario 3D World page that we have here on this site.

That all said, and as I stated in an earlier article posting here on the site, I'm already detecting some candidates; however, they're all from the "Bowser's Fury" side. But I'm not planning on seeing about doing the music arrangement process and/or setting up the planbook to decide which songs to cover until after we proceed further into this year, so your patience will be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to take care of a backlog of other song targets first, but rest assured that Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury IS on my radar from the music arrangement end.

Thanks once again for your understanding, everyone, and I'll see you all again next blog entry. Continue to stay warm and safe, and all of you have a fantastic weekend. I'm gone for now.

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