We still need your input on what songs from modern Super Mario games (main, spinoff, and branched installments) do you think should be considered for upcoming Super Nintendo music style covers as we get through this "final quarter" of 2021.

If you haven't done so already, go to this form submission page to send us your "song candidate suggestions". Don't forget to read the guidelines in full before filling out and submitting the form itself. For those who have sent in song candidate suggestions before, thank you. But if you run into any more possible "candidates" for our review, please let us know about them as well so we can review them upon receipt. Take care for now.

Suggestion Forms - Featured Mario Game Installments / SNES Music Instrument Sets


This form page is not the place in terms of submitting your "song candidate suggestions" to me; if you were looking for that said form in question, it is available by going here. Otherwise, please read the below instructions/guidelines in its entirety before submitting. Thank you.

About This "Featured Mario Game Installments / SNES Music Instrument Sets" Suggestion Form

The form below on this page is meant for you all to let yours truly know through the "concensus approach" regarding two categories.

The first category is in regards to the featured Super Mario videogame installments for these beloved music operations, both main and branched, including adventure and spinoff ones (which can be seen on this page). Your input here will give me clues into which installments in question the majority of you have been mostly targeting from what has been covered so far on the music arrangements front.

The second category targets the featured Super Nintendo music instrument sets themselves that have been involved in all these arrangements covers that I have shared with you all thus far. This part will be telling me what featured instrument sets in question you folks are mostly familiar with when you listen to these covers in question.

Keep in mind these things before submitting the form:

(1) Make sure you have a valid email address. - This is in case of if I need to get back with you regarding clarification of the form submission that was received (and after it has been reviewed).

(2) Please make sure that you're honest with the choices that you select in both categories listed in the below form. - As mentioned earlier, the selections that you make in both categories of this form will give me an idea about what certain Mario game installments you're usually following when checking out my music arrangement covers in the Super Nintendo music style for these operations, as well as what specific featured Super Nintendo music instrument sets for these operations you mostly favor/look out for when new arrangement covers get added.

(3) Only one submssion per valid email/IP address, please. - Although the "valid email address" will also be a factor in terms of submission of this form, be forewarned that your IP address will be internally logged as well in an effort to curb any abuse/duplicate submissions from the same visitor/user in question. Each submission will be carefully examined to ensure that no "duplicate attempts" have been made.
"Featured Mario Game Installments / SNES Music Instrument Sets" Submission Form

(1) Your Email Address:

(2) Select all of the featured Mario game installments (or "branched" game installments) that you're following for these music operations below regarding Super Nintendo music styled arrangement content targeting the scores for them.

(3) Which of the following featured Super Nintendo music instrument sets listed below for these operations are you mostly familiar with in terms of viewing gameplay of and/or have personally owned/still own today? Check all that apply.


Prior to processing of this form, you'll be redirected to a separate page by Formspree; this is the Anti-Spam measure put in place to ensure that you are indeed a real person. We appreciate your cooperation in advance.

Upon successful completion of processing itself, you'll be returned to this page.

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