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February 2023 Greetings: The "Anniversary Month" Is Here / Possible "Hints" at Upcoming Music Covers...?

Posted by Merit Celaire on Sunday, February 5, 2023 - 02:54 PM

Greetings, everyone; first and foremost, let me sincerely apologize for taking so very long to write this formal "monthly greetings entry" when this brand new month of February arrived at our doorsteps a few days ago. Once again, real life matters outside of these music operations have still been attacking me like heck both on the health end and the family issues end since early last month sorting things out related to a passing within our network. But I'm still here and slowly trying my best to get back in the Super Nintendo music styled arrangement groove process for 2023; case in point, if you didn't notice from the previous blog entry before this one, I've been making progress on two songs from Mario Tennis Aces. I'm hoping that before our anniversary hits later on in this month, I can get them done so I can proceed with the finalization process to post them for sharing with you all; as always, I doubt that you'll be disappointed when they go live. 

Speaking of which, and that's what brings me to the second part of this monthly greetings entry itself - so a few days ago when February arrived and I was changing the wall calendars at my house, I ran into this certain image in question featuring a certain "lead Mario girl" which graces the aforementioned February month via the Super Mario 2023 Wall Calendar from Abrams Books:

If you all can recall correctly in terms of the top half of said image, the promo art in question is of our Princess Peach in relation to the Nintendo Switch game installment Super Mario Party that was released a few years ago (specifically this one, right here). But let's get to the point - after encountering this promo art in question, the question for my planbook on the backend is this: could it be a said "clue" on what could be targeted from either this game or the following Mario Party installment (named Mario Party Superstars) down the road...? God only knows that answer, but at least one of the two Mario Party installments that were done for the Nintendo Swtich console has a page here that was added almost one year ago. 

The bottom line on the upcomng music arrangement content end: if all goes well, get ready - because it seems that it's apparently going to start during the course of this month, just in time for our "anniversary" for these music operations as a whole to hit later this month. Look forward to it, awesome people!

Oh, almost forgot - it is also planned for two forms to return to this site during the course of this month as well: one will be to once again targeting what you all hope I'll address for this year's formal "anniversary statement" for these music operations as a whole and another one is apparently for trying to get a certain part of this site back in action; it has been literally lying "dormant" since 2018 and it really concerns me greatly. More details to come at a later date so stay tuned on this front as well.

In the meantime, and once again, even as the weeks progress, you still don't have to wait to get in touch with me regarding what songs in question you hope I'll consider for my planbook down the road; if you've run into a possible candidate for me to review, make sure to let me know via this form. Additionally, we're still in great need to increase our community numbers on all our interactive portals including Twitter, Discord, IRC, and SoundCloud; but I'll elaborate on that more in another post later on this coming week.

Until then, and even I can tell this "monthly greetings entry" is starting to get lengthy so it's time for me to end it here (plus I'm still in the "weekend mode", after all); but make no mistake that my Super Nintendo music style arrangement passion is still strong on the backend as well as my enthusiasm for the Super Mario videogame series as a whole. Here's hoping for the best in the coming weeks this month as well as our upcoing "anniversary" down the road. See you all later.

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Where Things Stand As We Prepare For February

Posted by Merit Celaire on Sunday, January 29, 2023 - 08:16 PM

Good evening, friends; just snagging the time in these final hours of the current "weekend mode" to give you all an update on what's been going down on the backend as yours truly is slowly getting back into the Super Nintendo music arrangement style groove for 2023.

As mentioned in previous posts, many real life situations have still been getting in the way which also include my still sorting things out from a close family member in my personal network who passed away a little over two months ago. It's been a long recovery process, so I really do appreicate everyone's patience in advance.

That said, let's get down to the details - first, take a look at the "Music Arrangements Progress Page" - as of the date and time of this writing, I have begun to do the tracker process on two upcoming covers from the Mario Tennis Aces game due to finding two new candidates that got my attention as of late. Details are still under lock and key on what the songs in question are, but if all goes to plan, I hope I can finish these to share with you all before we hit our "anniversary day" next month.

Speaking of anniversary, we're just a few days out before we hit the "anniversary month" itself! I'll elaborate on this more in another post down the road, but I'm hoping to get our "Anniversary Statement Suggesions" form back in action to prepare for writing the respective document for 2023; not only that, but I think we also need to see about getting something else back in action that hasn't seen anything new added to a certain part of this site since 2018. Stay tuned for more details.

Finally, I still haven't forgotten on finding time to get a new article written up for addition to the "Music File Statistics" section of this site; fingers are crossed that I can get this taken care of before month's end, although there are no guarantees. I can say that it will still elaborate on where things stand on the rankings themselves before 2022 came to a close last month (which also is setting up how new song covers posted for 2023 will possibly shake up the list when the time arrives).

Bottom line: despite my still going through "personal circumstances" outside of these beloved music operations, yours truly is still determined to forge through all of it and definitely looking forward to getting our first Super Nintendo music styled covers dealt with for posting to get our 2023 year started for real. You won't want to miss out on this when it happens; in the meantime, don't forget to send me your song candidate suggestions to let me know what you hope I'll consider down the road as we still get situated for the 2023 year itself. I'm gone for now; see you all next time around. Keep postive, awesome people.

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"2022 Year In Review" Article Now Up

Posted by Merit Celaire on Thursday, January 19, 2023 - 05:29 PM

Finally snagged the chance to get this article itself written up last night, but only had the opportunity to get this posted and announced tonight... the "Year In Review" article looking back at the activity that was made for these music operations as a whole is now available for reading on this home base website and can be viewed by going here.

On a slightly unrelated note, I still have plans to get another article written up regarding the final update that was made to our "Music File Statistics" Rankings Document late last month before 2022 was in the history books. I just need to get a clearer mind on how I am going to see about approaching/writing this and hopefully we can get this out of the way before months end. Stay tuned.

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Quick Reminders As We Get Resituated for the 2023 Year

Posted by Merit Celaire on Tuesday, January 3, 2023 - 10:43 AM

Good morning, friends; I hope that your New Year's holiday weekend went all right on your end as we all start to slowly get back to our normal routines. Yours truly is doing the same and at this time, I'm about to check any music operations related correspondence that might have been received from this past holiday weekend as well as making plans for upcoming content to share with you faithful followers/listeners as we get situated in this new 2023 year itself; this also including my getting ready to do upcoming articles elaborating on the activity that we had during the previous year overall, as well as a possible upcoming article regarding the recent update which was made to our "Music File Statistics" Rankings Document.

In the meantime, it's never too early to remind all of you that I still need your help to plan out the upcoming months ahead. The two online suggestion forms are still ready and waiting for submissions from you all to aid in this process; additionally, I'm hoping that later on, we can get our anniversary suggestions form in action again to prepare for writing this year's formal "anniversary statement" when the time comes.

Also, don't forget that our interactive community portals still exist (including our IRC channel, Discord server (if approved after filling out this form), Twitter, and SoundCloud); we definitely need to see about growing these numbers as we start this new year. As long as you meet the critera as stated on this page, you'll be a great fit for us here on this angle too as we continue these endeavors for another year.

Thanks in advance as always for all your support for these music operations as a whole, and here's looking forward to what's coming as we prepare to start this all new 2023 journey. I'm gone for now.

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