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Dedicated "Site Domain URL" Now Back In Action For This Website

Posted by Merit Celaire on Friday, June 24, 2022 - 10:57 AM

This just in, everyone - as of today, I am pleased to announce that thanks to the assistance of both hosting support services of Vimly Digital and AwardSpace, we now have the domain name of back in action for a few more years tied to this website (up to at least tduring the course of the 2024 year).

I'll elaborate more about this news in a future post another time because I have to prepare switching gears to deal with work obligations later today outside of these music operations (plus, I have to do some more resituating on the backend to make sure all operations under this domain itself tied to the AwardSpace hosting service are working properly including receiving email correspondence from you all).

Will keep you all posted as things develop; until then, stay tuned. We appreciate your patience in advance.

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Follow-Up Posting About the "Domain Name" Situation

Posted by Merit Celaire on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 - 05:36 PM

Okay, faithful visitors/listeners of these beloved music operations - as many of you are already aware, this month for yours truly has literally been plagued in regards to getting this angle resolved and resituated due to the "roadblocks" that we had to deal with after our getting word from the previous hosting service administration at Vimly Digital stating that their services are going to be closing their services early next month. As you also are already aware, because of this news we received, we managed to see about moving the majority of our site materials to our current hosting account here with the folks at AwardSpace.

At this time, on the backend, I'm still getting things resituated and my hope is that we can get back into the Super Nintendo music style arrangement groove (and other site related content stuff) when next month arrives. We're making progress on this, but slowly. However, with that said, as what was previously announced on this post, I've got a tip from our contacts with Vimly Digital saying that there's a high chance that the domain can still be used and they're still able to assist in getting this angle of the transition done so this "subdomain" won't be needed anymore.

Here's what's going on at this time: I'm currently checking our hosting account's control panel with AwardSpace to see about this process (their support has also told me that the domain transition process is possible as long as I have the materials on standby and the "setup" in place). My hope is that a solution on this can be reached before this week is out. I'm also in close contact with both the support staff for Vimly Digital and AwardSpace regarding this process too to ensure there aren't any more hurdles after this point and we can put this case behind us (and especially before Vimly Digital officially closes their doors in early July).

That's all for now, everyone; I'll keep you folks posted on any new developments as they arise. Take care for now.

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Now Accepting "Song Candidate Suggestions" Targeting Songs From "Mario Strikers: Battle League"

Posted by Merit Celaire on Tuesday, June 14, 2022 - 04:41 PM

Snagged the time to make the "formal annoucement" on this today, but as you all are very well aware, the Mario Strikers: Battle League installment recently hit store shelves for the Nintendo Switch console late last week. Therefore, I am now accepting new "song candidate suggestion" submissions from you all (via this form) to let me know what involved songs from this game in question you hope will be in my planbook to do upcoming Super Nintendo music styled arrangement covers for in the weeks and months ahead.

Keep in mind, and this bears repeating in terms of what I wrote on top of the overall form's page: this title itself hasn't been added to the "game dropdown list" yet in question 2A because we don't have a related game page set up yet on this site which will host the upcoming music covers. Because of this, please make sure that after you have selected the "None of these" option in question 2A, mention the Mario Strikers: Battle League title in the box for question 2B. Only when the game page for this installment gets added will this form be updated accordingly to include the aformentioned title.

Once again, you're able to head for this page to submit your song candidate suggestions to me related to this game. Looking forward to hearing from you all on this case; I'm gone for now.

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Website On A New Hosting Server, But Could The "Domain Name" Be Saved...?

Posted by Merit Celaire on Monday, June 13, 2022 - 07:27 PM

All right, faithful friends/followers of these beloved music operations, as of the date and time of this posting, I'm now pleased to announce that our "home base website" of operations is with our newest hosting server under the name of AwardSpace. The only drawback is that there might be a few site operations management changes on the backend which I'll elaborate on in another post since I just got back home from the other side of town.

But I need to make this other announcement before I go: a few hours earlier when I gave the official "heads-up" on all our available "interactive community portals" about this new site hosting location on the 'net, I was approached again from the previous hosting staff at Vimly Digital asking about the domain name we were previously using. Apparently, they say that I still might have a chance to have that same URL of point to this hosting server if I act fast.

So during the course of tomorrow, I'll check with the support department of AwardSpace (as well as with my Vimly Digital contacts) and file a ticket to discuss about the situation and find out about my options at this point. But this one thing is clear: I need to find a solution to this matter before July arrives for sure (because that's when our former hosting services with Vimly Digital have slated to completely close their doors). So let's keep fingers crossed, and I'll report back on any new developments on this "domain name" situation. I'm out for now.

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