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Newest Batch of "Mario Tennis Aces" Song Covers Posted (Along With One New Featured Instrument Set)

Posted by Merit Celaire on Wednesday, March 22, 2023 - 08:49 PM

A lot of apologies for the delays on this one due to an avalanche of real life cirumstances getting in my way for the past few weeks, everyone; tonight, I've finally snagged the chance to get these three new Super Nintendo music styled arrangement covers targeting more stuff from the Nintendo Switch game Mario Tennis Aces.

Not only that, but one of the below three listed song covers involves a newly added featured Super Nintendo music instrument set in tow. For the song cover that I did which targets the "tutorials section" for that "Temple of Bask" locale in Mario Tennis Aces' "Adventure Mode", the instrument set involved is from Ocean's RoboCop 3 (created and composed by Jonathan Dunn). It's unclear if this will be called upon again in future song covers in general, but it's great to know we've got a new "member" in this "featured music instrument set family" after nearly three to four years since late December of 2020.

On a related note, as a result of this, our "Music Arrangement File Statistics" Rankings Document got rocked again; on the "Featured Mario Game Installments" side, Mario Tennis Aces is now tied at the #16 rank (along with Super Mario 3D Land). As for the "Featured Super Nintendo Music Instrument Sets" side, both Mega Man Soccer and Lethal Enforcers are now tied at #22 and #16 respectively (the Lethal Enforcers music instrument set is tied with Captain America and the Avengers and Biker Mice from Mars; the Mega Man Soccer music instrument set is tied with SmartBall and Disney's Bonkers). The RoboCop music instrument set makes its debut at #31 (tied with Mightly Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition). Only time will tell if both categories involving the above mentioned Mario game(s)/featured Super Nintendo music instrument sets will get rocked even further after tonight's posting.

But enough talk of the above, here are the new file links in question related to this announcement:

New File No.
Song Title
SNES Music Arrangement Style/Featured Instrument Set
Tournament Mode Theme
Mega Man Soccer
Adventure Mode: Temple of Bask (Tutorials)
RoboCop 3
Staff Credits
Lethal Enforcers

Also don't forget if you believe that if you've found a song candidate from the Mario Tennis Aces game which you think and also hope that I'll take into consideration for my planbook in the weeks and months ahead, don't hesitate to let me know via this online form in question; just ensure that you have selected the Mario Tennis Aces option from the list dropdown in question 2A. And as always, if you have any problems with accessing the recently added music arrangement files in the above table, please let me know immediately via the main contact form. Thanks once again for your patience on this, everyone; see you all later.

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New "Mario Tennis Aces" Music Arrangement Postings Delayed Until Next Week (And Other Reminders)

Posted by Merit Celaire on Friday, March 17, 2023 - 10:11 AM

Good morning, friends; just making this quick blog entry posting before having to switch gears and head out to deal with work obligations outside of these music operations as a whole. I'm still around, as you can tell - but on the backend; however, the past few days have had real life situations (especially on the "family business" side) slamming me like heck (but I'm still pulling through, slowly).

That said, and as a result of this, I was hoping to have had seen about getting the new batch of Super Nintendo music styled arrangement postings I did targeting songs from Mario Tennis Aces added to these operations during the course of this week. Sadly, that's going to have to wait until during the course of next week because of all the "personal events" that I have stated above. But rest assured, they're still coming; I'll of course keep you awesome people posted on when they do go live.

In the meantime, this is still a good time to remind you about two things before I go: don't forget that if you have any possible song candidate suggestions that you think that I should consider from the same Mario Tennis Aces or any other "modern" Mario series' game installment that we cover for the SNES music style arrangement treatment, you can head on over to this online form to let me know. 

Also, as of the date and time of this posting, less than fifteen days remain for you faithful friends/followers/listeners of these beloved music operations as a whole to submit your input regarding our upcoming "formal anniversary statement" for 2023. If you haven't done so already, make sure you visit this specified online form to let me know what you hope will be addressed on it (as well as how I should see about writing the document itself when the time comes). Please don't wait until the last minute before the form closes; as stated in a previous entry, extensions to the March 31st deadline are not being planned for the time being.

Thanks as always in advance for your patience and understanding regarding these matters; we're still in this fight together and here's hoping for better "update activity" during the course of next week itself. I'm out for now; see you all next time around.

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New SNES Music Arrangement Covers Arriving Next Week / Quick "Anniversary Statement Suggestion Form" Submission Reminder

Posted by Merit Celaire on Saturday, March 11, 2023 - 08:29 PM

Good evening, friends; just two quick news tidbit to tell you all about during this Saturday night of this "weekend mode" routine.

First of all, we've got a total of three upcoming Super Nintendo music style arrangement covers that are on standby to be posted for sharing with you all during the course of the upcoming work week. I was originally hoping to have them posted during the course of yesterday (which was Nintendo's aformentioned "MAR10 Day"); however, work obligations got in the way plus I was dealing with a super annoying headache during the past two days as well. I've recovered from all of that after a huge amount of rest and am back in full strength for the remaining weekend; but please be patient and we'll get the new covers posted for your checking out in due time during next week itself. Details are still under lock and key in terms of what songs were targeted this time, except for the fact that all of them are once again from songs heard in Mario Tennis Aces. Watch out for them in an upcoming announcement post here on this side.

Second, another quick and friendly reminder that I'm still waiting to hear from many of you faithful friends/followers/listeners of these music operations as a whole regarding what you hope I'll see about addressing in our upcoming formal "anniversary statement document" for 2023. I do have some clues in terms of what I need to see about elaborating on when the time comes to write the document up, but I still need all of you to help me out in regards to the planning process itself along with what your hopes are in my writing this thing itself along with what you hope I'll see about addressing as well. Remember that this related online form is open for your submissions until the end of March 31, 2023; no additional entries from it will be accepted after that date and there will be no extensions either. So please don't wait until the last minute on this; everyone's prompt assistance regarding this case would be greatly appreciated in advance. (Of course, if I run into any submission process troubles as a result due to Formspree's limitation cap on our related form processing account there, I'll let you all know via all available channels including this home base website as soon as possible.)

Thanks once again for your time and consideration in reading this as well as your responding to the second part of this overall post itself; I look forward to hearing from many of you all in the remaining weeks of this month as I especially get ready to write this music operations annual statement f0r 2023. See you awesome people later.

P.S.: Unrelated note, but to those of you who are viewing us in the United States area - don't forget that Daylight Saving Time begins tomorrow (3/12/2023), so make sure to set your clocks forward one hour before going to bed tonight. Just looking out for you folks here too. Take care for now!

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Anniversary Statement Document Suggestion Form Now Open for 2023

Posted by Merit Celaire on Thursday, March 2, 2023 - 06:17 PM

As promised, everyone, the "Anniversary Statement Document Suggestion Form" for 2023 is now active as of tonight and ready to receive submissions from you faithful friends/visitors/followers of these music operations as a whole letting me know what you hope will be addressed as the document itself gets written up for posting at a later date.

Two things to remember: any submissions made from this aforementioned form still count toward the deduction allotment from Formspree related to our account with them; make sure that you review your submission details that you fill out prior to sending the form itself for my review.

Second, all submissions from this form must be sent for my review by no later than March 31, 2023. The form itself is set to close by the end of that day barring any further submission attempts after the due date here.

Thanks in advance for your assistance on this to help me plan for writing this anniversary statement document itself for 2023; looking forward to hearing from you all shortly on this one. I'm gone for now.

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