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Still Alive, Everyone; Where Things Stand So Far for This Month of April

Posted by Merit Celaire on Friday, April 16, 2021 - 10:24 PM

Hey there, everyone; I know it's been almost two weeks since earlier in this month when I posted my last blog entry for this place. But I've been busy as heck on the backend with all things music operations related in the hopes that before this month of April is through, new content will become available for you all to check out, especially on the Super Nintendo music style arrangement covers end. To that point, here's where things stand on this month's planbook so far.

(1) The Formal "11th Anniversary Statement" Is Still Being Dealt With
That's right, everyone; unlike last year when I had to unfortunately cancel writing the "formal anniversary statement" last year due to COVID-19 messing everyone up, including myself, I'm not allowing this roadblock against me continue into this year, so help me, God! As I write this blog entry, I have finally managed to gather the materials that I need to actually start writing the document itself; I'm hoping that I can at least get the writing process started during the course of this coming weekend because I already have an idea about what should be addressed on it. This is a "high priority" for me to get this done before the month is out; only then can I return to the music arrangement groove again for real, and believe me, I can't wait to get back to this when the time comes.

(2) The New "Music Arrangement Cover Content" To Come for the Remainder of This Month
And speaking of which, you can bet that I've slowly been at work behind the scenes working on new candidates to do new Super Nintendo music arrangement covers on. But as I stated earlier, it's been a "slow pace" since my top priority has been to make progress on getting that formal "11th anniversary statement" done before the end of this month. But in the meantime, I can give you some hints that some of the upcoming covers to be shared with you all target more songs from Paper Mario: The Origami KingMario Kart 8, and even Mario Kart Tour.

Until then, as I said in the previous entry before this one, please continue to send me your suggestion inquiries if you haven't done so already (as well as general inquiries/concerns that are obviously in regards to these music operations as a whole as well). I do take the time to read them and get back with you if the need does arise to do so. It's that as I said earlier, along with my having to work on these matters at a careful pace, I've still been battling through these horrible "depression attacks" that have been trying to literally hold me back from making any progress this month (of course, the COVID-19 pandemic is still mostly to blame for this). But I am still determined to pull through on this and we will get these above stated matters in the planbook done. I do appreciate everyone's patience in advance, and as always, keep it bookmarked on this site's front page and/or continue to keep tabs on our Twitter and Discord portals (if you're an authorized follower/member at those two places), and even on our IRC channel on EsperNet. Take care until next posting from yours truly, everyone, and you all have a good weekend. I'm out.

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General "Suggestion Forms Reminder" for April 2021; Your Responses Still Needed!

Posted by Merit Celaire on Sunday, April 4, 2021 - 09:39 PM

Hi there, friends; I hope that all of you faithful friends/followers of these beloved music operations are having a good Easter weekend so far. Although I'm still in the final hours of this current "weekend mode", I'm snagging this chance to let you all know that although my focus for this coming week is to get that formal "11th anniversary statement" dealt with before proceeding with anything else music operations related, don't forget that I still am accepting responses in regards to these site suggestion forms that have been in action for a few months now:

"Song Candidate Submissions" Form
Featured Mario Game Installments / SNES Music Instrument Sets

I've received a few so far (and thanks to those of you who have responded to at least one of the two above mentioned forms so far), but I'm still in need of more to definitely set up my planbook for the weeks and months to come. Not to mention that these two forms submitted will give me an idea on what you all believe I should focus on and possibly target as I find more modern Super Mario and branched song targets to do new Super Nintendo music style arrangement covers of. Every little bit helps and your assistance on these matters would be greatly appreciated.

For additional information on the two referenced forms in question, you can get said to said page by clicking this link. See you all next entry; I'm out for now.

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April 2021 Greetings: Starting the "Second Quarter" / 11th Anniversary Statement Slight Delays / Possible Hint of Things to Come This Month?

Posted by Merit Celaire on Thursday, April 1, 2021 - 08:51 PM

Before I get into the "details" of this former "monthly greetings entry", let me apologize for the somewhat lengthy blog entry title, but it is for a good reason. There are three things that I want to quickly announce as we start this all new month, and rest assured, this is all the real deal; no "April Fools" jokes here!

First and foremost, we have now entered into our "second quarter" of the 2021 year which means we're inching closer to when we have to gear up for the "summer months period" which usually occurs when we hit the month of June (which is also the month which sees the game release of Mario Golf: Super Rush hit store shelves for the Nintendo Switch console). But could there be some surprises waiting in store for us between now and the latter part of June to conclude this current quarter? We'll just have to wait and see.

Second, as I'm writing this monthly greetings entry, I am still getting materials together to finally write up that formal "11th anniversary statement itself". Only that it's now hit a snag and is slightly delayed because work outside of these operations has contacted me and are in need of my services for this coming Friday and the weekend itself (which just happens to be the Easter weekend as well). Hopefully during the course of next week, I can see about making more progress on the statement; I already have in mind what is planned to be addressed. Thanks to you all in advance for your patience regarding this angle.

And last, but not least, I would like to draw your attention to this image below:

The calendar image itself is from the Super Mario 2021 Wall Calendar (from Abrams Books) which I ordered online late last year. Before leaving my house to take care of business earlier today and switching my wall calendars to this brand new month of April, I just had to take a picture of the above image to share with you here. As some of you all know, I'm a huge fan of the Mario female characters as well and two are featured in this month (which just happen to be Princess Peach and Toadette, alongside Toad, of course). To this day, the Mario female characters have always been my biggest motivators in anything Mario fan project related for all these years... and that brings me to the third part of this formal "monthly greetings entry". I'm still slowly getting back in the groove of clearing my music arrangement target backlog as I write this, so when turning the wall calendar page for this month of April and seeing the two featured Mario girls there, I knew in my conscience we've got some very good stuff coming to share with you in the weeks to come. Details are still under lock and key, with the exception of this one clue that at least one upcoming music arrangement target might have Peach... or Toadette... or both involved! Maybe others might join the two? God only knows. In any case, you won't want to miss it when said music arrangement file postings hit and when they do, I'll obviously let you all know here.

Until then, everyone, I've got to end this here and head on out for the night. All of you have a fantastic month of April and definitely be on guard and look out for all those "April Fools pranks" around the 'net. Stay safe, friends; I'm gone for now.

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Preparing To Work On The Formal "11th Anniversary Statement"

Posted by Merit Celaire on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - 08:04 AM

Was hoping to get this blog entry written up last night, but I was exhausted after posting this site update.

So as you all may already be aware, suggestion submissions in regards to what you folks think I should address in the upcoming formal 11th anniversary statement closed at the end of last Friday, March 26. Although I do thank those of you who have responded, I also have run into certain clues that need to be addressed in the upcoming formal statement statement as well. The "details" are still under lock and key (of course, until the statement itself gets posted, which I hope will be done before months end tomorrow; no guarantees though).

For now, just giving confirmation that I have been getting materials together to start work on the statemenet in question. Long story short, get yourselves ready, everyone; it's happening.

And of course, I'll let you all know via all interactive social media portals, as well as this site, when said statement gets posted. Stay tuned.

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