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Plagiarism File Report Form

This form in question is for if you've run into cases of our music arrangement file material being found outside our "authorization boundaries" for these music operations as a whole and without our consent. Any kind of "plagiarism attempts" which involve our content is seriously frowned upon, and all reports received will be carefully reviewed before taking any legitimate action, if needed.

Before filling out the form itself, please keep in mind that the only authorized site so far that's an exception to the posting of these music arrangement materials is our SoundCloud external profile account (and especially if it's posted there, from the music arranger itself, which is yours truly). More sites will be added to this "exceptions list" when the need arises.

Please keep in mind that even though you're only able to report one "plagiarism file" at a time, your IP address will still be internally recorded in an effort to curb any abuse/duplicate submissions from the same user (this is mainly if a certain "plagiarism file" has been reported a certain amount of times by the same user, for example).

Your Name/Username:

Your Email Address:

(1) Select the featured Mario game installment (or branched game installment) from the list below which you've detected the plagiarizing music arrangement material that was originally done by this music operation's author to post for these operations.

(2) Which Super Nintendo music style arrangement file itself from these operations is involved in the plagiarizing material that you have encountered/detected on the offending site?

(3) Finally, which site/URL itself in question should be investigated which has the plagiarizing material itself that you've specified in the above two questions? (Make sure you provide the entire site URL itself; this is the most important step.)


Prior to processing of this form, you'll be redirected to a separate page by Formspree; this is the Anti-Spam measure put in place to ensure that you are indeed a real person. We appreciate your cooperation in advance.

Upon successful completion of processing itself, you'll be returned to this page.

KEEP IN MIND: All submission attempts made on this form count toward the deduction of the 50 emails limit per month policy from Formspree until further notice. For more information about this restriction to prevent abuse on their end, please refer to this article.

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