Site / Music Operations Materials Backup Efforts Scheduled for 2/12/2024 - 2/16/2024

Posted by Merit Celaire [ mailto: ]
Date: Friday, February 9, 2024 - 03:22 PM
Category: Site News/Update Entries

Good afternoon, everyone; this posting is to let all of you know that during the course of next week (and depending on my overall planbook's schedule including some incoming work obligations that I need to deal with outside of here), we're hoping to get our backups of this site and all other music operations related materials up to date, especially before our "anniversary day" hits later on this month. 

This is to ensure that should yet another extinuating circumstance happen with this site and other related materials, we'll be ready with at least one "recent backup" to call on.

I still will be checking on any email correspondence that may be received from our respective online forms including the main site contact form, the plagiarism report form, and the two suggestion forms. Rest assured that I'll find time during this process to respond to any legitimate inquiries music operations related upon review. It's just that yours truly is going to be bracing for an eventful work week itself when this coming Monday arrives (which also includes the Discord account crisis that I elaborated on nearly three weeks ago).

Thanks once again for your patience and understanding on this, and I'll see you awesome people later.

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