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February 2024 Greetings: "Anniversary Month" Arrives / Still Dealing With "Turbulence"

Posted by Merit Celaire on Thursday, February 1, 2024 - 09:57 AM

Good morning, faithful friends/followers/listeners of these beloved music operations as a whole; I just snagged the chance after getting up to have this formal "monthly greetings entry" entry written up and posted before having to head out to deal with other "real life matters" outside of here.

But yeah, so now the January month itself for 2024 is now in the history books, and despite a lot of turbulence from "super evil adversarial forces" (including having being forced to upgrade this site's hosting account from a "free status" to a "paid status", still patiently waiting for the Discord Trust and Safety staff to follow-up with me regarding recovery efforts for my account itself that was hacked a little over one week ago (which led to this announcement being posted the other day), and other real life issues outside these operations that have been determined like heck to crush me and give me horrid mental blocks that you all know I hate so much), the show must go on - yes, I still must battle through these horrible roadblocks that have been thrown my direction in the hopes I'll just collapse and give up. But with God as my witness, they've got another thing coming.

Case in point: if you didn't notice my announcement yesterday, one of those plans that I was hoping to have gotten taken care of during the course of last month did get crossed off my planbook - the "Year In Review (2023)" article. I had other articles I had planned to write during the previous month, but the circumstances I listed above (especially in regards to my Discord account matters) took higher priority. But the main thing is that the most important of them all is out of the way and we can start focusing on which songs will get my passionate Super Nintendo music styled arrangement cover treatment for 2024. And not a moment to soon because we've now reached our "anniversary month" for these beloved music operations as a whole (with the actual birthday happening later this month). And there's no way that yours truly is ending these operations any time soon; in fact, it's one of the angles that's still keeping me sane for the most part each day! Here's hoping that during the course of this new month, we can get our first batch of SNES music styled arrangement covers for 2024 posted for you awesome people to check out.

In the meantime, once again, I'm still waiting to hear from many of you all via our still active online suggestion forms! If you haven't checked that section of the site out yet and have your voice heard there, then please go to this page. You all still play a role in giving me ideas in what kind of modern Mario series related songs you hope will hit my planbook in due time as well as letting me know what featured Mario series games and Super Nintendo music instrument sets you're familiar with for these entire operations. It definitely means a lot to me on this angle of things; thanks in advance for your taking the time to do this for me here.

I have to switch gears and step out for the time being; but as always, make sure to keep this front page bookmarked for any new developments as they happen, including more info on when our first batch of Super Nintendo music styled stuff might actually drop during the course of this new month of February. Until then, take care for now, awesome people; I'm out.

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Another Quick Reminder Of Our Other Active "Social Media Portals"

Posted by Merit Celaire on Wednesday, January 31, 2024 - 06:57 PM

Good evening, everyone; also snagging the time tonight to remind you all that although I am still patiently waiting for the Discord Trust and Safety personnel to finally get back to me with a follow-up (hopefully, with a resolution as well) regarding my Discord account situation so I can get it back in my possession again and check on our music operation's related server, don't forget that our other "social media portals" are still out there waiting for you to join our respective communities including the Twitter (X) Portal, the SoundCloud Portal, as well as our IRC channel on EsperNet. We definitely need to see about getting these numbers on all the aforementioned channels to grow as we press on in this 2024 year, especially as we're just a few hours away from entering our "anniversary month". This beloved music operations as a whole that yours truly is maintaining is still nothing without those of you who are definitely into the "modern" Super Mario songs (as well as being dedicated followers of Nintendo's Super Mario franchise overall) along with hearing my Super Nintendo music styled takes on them.

The "Forum Portal" angle is still another case altogther (yeah, I know that section's been lying dormant for years and some people want me to think that I should throw in the towel on that); I'm still investigating the next steps on that, but apparently I might finally be getting the green light to do something about it after the respective hosting account for this site is now in the "paid hosting client" status. Hopefully I can elaborate more on when the "Forum Portal" will finally come back for this site in another post, so stay tuned.

Regardless, thanks once again for your patience as I still fight to get the Discord account situation resolved (since that's still a very high priority for me); hope you see you at the other interactive community portals for these music operations as a whole. See you all later.

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"Year In Review (2023)" Article Now Posted

Posted by Merit Celaire on Tuesday, January 30, 2024 - 02:06 PM

This afternoon, everyone; I have managed to finally get our latest "Year in Review" article written up looking back at all the music operations related activity that was involved for both featured Mario game installments and the Super Nintendo instrument sets called on for doing covers for the previous 2023 year. So what Mario games stood out to us during that time? And what featured Super Nintendo music instrument set claimed the "winner's circle" this time around? You'll be able to find out those answers by heading to here. Take care for now, everyone.

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"Discord Portal" Invite Link Request Form Temporarily Closed Due To "Account Access/Hacking" Issues

Posted by Merit Celaire on Monday, January 29, 2024 - 03:03 PM

And now the second post to elaborate on the next major hurdle that is staring yours truly in the face and has me more than quadruple furious since last Wednesday.

Here's the situation: during the course of last Wednesday from the Discord platform as a whole, there has been news that there have been some literally super evil adversarial forces who have been hacking user accounts to take them over and infect them with viruses/trojans in hopes to wreak havoc on a large amount of their "victims". The thing is, these latest adversarial forces in question have been posing as Discord "Trust and Safety" personnel via the "Direct Messages" process in the hopes that the users will respond to apparent "reports" regarding the status of their accounts.

Unfortunately, yours truly was one of those "victims" in question; as a result, my respective account itself on the Discord was hacked and I cannot access it at all. I only became aware of this horrible mousetrap operation when other online friends of mine outside of these operations informed me that the instigator behind this so called attack and hacking on my account locking me out of it was also trying to "mousetrap" everyone on my friends list in hopes that their accounts will be infected with this apparent virus/trojan and lock them out of their accounts too!

All of the above has in no doubt infuriated yours truly to no end upon being aware that I was literally "mousetrapped" by the so-called Discord user responsible for this overall mess on the platform who was posing as a Discord "Trust and Safety" member in DMs! And now, as I stated earlier, because of my account being hacked, I cannot log into it at all; plus, I cannot even check our music operation's "Discord Portal" server at this time.

Which also brings me to this announcement itself: until further notice (and especially after I've gotten official follow-ups from the real "Discord Trust and Safety" personnel to assist in this crisis and get my account itself back and do any necessary repairs needed; they are already aware about my situation via a support ticket that I filed upon becoming notified that my account was hacked and that I was severely violated and duped by an apparent cyber criminal at work), the respective "Discord Portal Temporary Invite Link Request Form" has been temporarily taken offline. My only hope is that we won't have to wait that long for the Discord Trust and Safety personnel to get back to me in due time regarding their efforts in resolving this case with my overall Discord account as a whole, although I know that this will take time since apparently I'm not the only one who's fallen for this horrifying mousetrap in an effort to compromise accounts.

I will of course definitely keep you all posted when I do receive word about my account being successfully recovered; when the necessary repairs have been done afterwards, we'll see about getting this respective "Discord Portal" Invite Link Request form back in action again on the site. Not to mention that the person who did this severe damage to my Discord account itself will be reported because not only is this completely unacceptable, it is a cyber criminal act as well. And I'm going to make sure that the same "Discord Trust and Safety" personnel gets word of the evidence I've gathered that led to the aforementioned damage because the so-called users can not and are not going to get away with this; their day with law enforcement will be coming resulting in their being taken to and thrown in jail.

I do apologize for the long occasional rant in this announcement, but that's just how serious this matter itself is. You are able to see about contacting me via other means including our main email contact formfollowing us on Twitterjoining us on SoundCloud, or joining our IRC chatroom on EsperNet if you have any further questions about this announcement itself. I'm gone for now.

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