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Quick Reminder About Plagiarism Content Reporting

Posted by Merit Celaire on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 - 05:18 PM

Good evening, friends; this blog entry posting is just a quick and friendly reminder that although as of late I haven't gotten any news of "plagiarism alerts" regarding our music arrangement content for these operations as a whole, that doesn't mean that we can not keep alert should such a case rise that would require yours truly to get into action because one confirmed "plagiarism case" involving our stuff is already one case too many.

The reason I post this is because although unrelated to our beloved music operations here, I've run into news of an online friend of mine outside of here who's creativity rights have literally been violated. I'll spare the details on the matter, but he and a fellow friend reported news about their content being literally stolen by someone via their posting it on another site and saying that it's their own content. There were some other "red flags" that were said about the person who plagiarized their content in question, but once again, I won't go into that angle of the details.

But this one thing is clear, especially for these music operations as a whole: plagiarism of our content will not be tolerated in any shape or form, ever. If we do receive any reports of our content being stolen (via this form), be assured that each one will be carefully reviewed to determine if any action is needed to address the issue(s) presented to us. Plagiarism itself is nothing more than blatant theft of another person's hard work and a slap in the face to the original author(s) of the work itself. We can't allow for this to happen around these parts either.

As you all already know, per policy, I always try my best to give proper acknowledgement in regards to the covered music content here via our "Acknowledgements" section of the site (including the involving modern Super Mario songs - main, spinoff, and branched - as well as the featured Super Nintendo instrument sets that were involved in these covers). And we expect everyone else to respect these heartfelt efforts as well.

Once again, if you run into any cases where our content here has been plagiarized, please do not hesitate to alert me about them by going to this form so we can investiage these matters promptly. Thanks in advance for your reading and your help. See you all later.

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