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"Mario Kart Tour": Three New Music Arrangement Covers Targeting the Themes of... Berlin, Sydney, and... a Ninja Course...?!

Posted by Merit Celaire on Thursday, April 29, 2021 - 06:58 PM

My gosh, everyone... who at the Nintendo company as a whole has been composing these insanely addictive tunes for the Mario Kart Tour mobile game installment as of late? Whoever it is (and we're still looking for confirmation of said composers(s) so I can update this page accordingly), they've got me hard at work as heck doing Super Nintendo music style arrangement covers for a majority of them, and these three new additions tonight are no exception. Here's what you're able to check out from yours truly at this time:

The first Super Nintendo music style arrangement cover targets the song heard in Berlin Byways, the signature course for the "Berlin Tour" (which was in action earlier this year between January 13, 2021 - January 26, 2021). You're able to listen to my cover of this song in question by clicking this link.

Fast forward to four months after the "Berlin Tour" came to a close, and another song caught my attention immediately to do the Super Nintendo music arrangement cover process on: Ninja Hideaway (the signature course for the related "Ninja Tour" that was active earlier this month from April 7, 2021 - April 20, 2021). Although it kind of pales in comparsion to the original song itself from the game, I still have no regrets in doing this cover for it, and you'll be able to find out why I was on "the process" for this song immediately by checking the file itself out here.

And as soon as that "Ninja Tour" came to a close, here comes yet another addictive song to do a cover on in the Super Nintendo music style: Sydney Sprint (the featured course of the "Sydney Tour" that is currently in action until May 4, 2021). You'll see why I was definitely for doing the "arrangement process" for this one as well by giving it a listen at this link.

All three above mentioned arrangement covers that I've posted here tonight are using the instrument set from the SNES game "Spider-Man and the X-Men: Arcade's Revenge" (created by Geoff and Tim Follin for the music score's composition there). God only knows if I'll be having to use this instrument again for yet another addictive Mario Kart Tour song in the weeks and months to come. We'll just have to wait and see.

Until then, as always, if you have any problems in accessing the above linked files in question, please don't hesitate to let me know via email about your case and I'll investigate the matter as soon as I get the chance to do so. Thanks, all, and I'll see you next time around. I'm out for now.

P.S.: A quick note that the above images related to this article posting tonight are courtesy of the official "Mario Kart Tour" Twitter account (managed by Nintendo of America).

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