Been Dealing With "Health Issues"; Hoping To Be Back In "Full Strength" Next Week

Posted by Merit Celaire [ mailto: ]
Date: Saturday, July 23, 2022 - 11:15 PM
Category: Music Operation Happenings

Good Saturday evening, friends; I've just snagged this opening in my evening routine to let you know that I'm still here on the backend - however, the reason why things were still very quiet on the site frontend is that earlier this week, I was slammed with a head cold that had me out of commission for the majority of Monday and all of Tuesday. Not only that, but this also triggered other "common cold" issues that had me get every legitimate over-the-counter medication at my disposal to fight it off so I can try and get back to full strength for the upcoming week itself.

At this time, I'm closing in on returning to that "full strength" status but still taking those said OTC medications as said earlier. Hopefully during the course of next week itself when this ailment is gone from me, I can see about taking care of posting that other Super Nintendo music style arrangement that I was working on since earlier this month targeting yet another "tour exclusive" song from Mario Kart Tour. Once again, your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated in advance during this time.

Meanwhile and as another quick reminder until then: don't forget that I'm still waiting for new "song candidate suggestions" from you all via this form even as I'm still trying to make new music arrangement plans for the remainder of this year (as well as also trying see if we can make a big dent in this backlog as well). We're still making progress, but slowly; I'm only hoping that once I get back to full strength during the course of next week, the efforts on this will be upped as my overall schedule allows. Until next time, everyone; see you all later.

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