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Music Arrangements Outlook - Nintendo Direct (2/17/'21): "Mario Golf: Super Rush"

Posted by Merit Celaire on Monday, February 22, 2021 - 04:09 PM

So less than one week ago, we were all viewing the latest Nintendo Direct presentation to check out what's currently in the Nintendo Switch game plans for 2021. And as I suspected, there is one new Mario game installment in the works that's planned for release for the middle of this year, and it's under the "sport spinoff game" category. When the time comes, we'd better prepare ourselves to have gameplay sessions with Mario and the rest of said related cast in Mario Golf: Super Rush. This announcement trailer from Nintendo of America gives the first details of said announcement of the game currently under development, and you're able to check it out by going here.

That all said, to the big question: from what's been shared so far in regards to this upcoming installment, are there any possible song candidates to be found for upcoming Super Nintendo music style arrangement covers? I am happy to say that you'd better believe that I'll get my planbook ready for this; not only that, it seems like from the style of composing that I heard in the related Mario Golf: Super Rush announcement video, our usual "composer suspect" might appararently be back. The reason I say this is because if you all can recall, I've been doing Super Nintendo music style arrangements focused on certain games developed by Camelot for Nintendo (including but not limited to Mario Tennis OpenMario Golf: World TourMario Tennis: Ultra Smash, and Mario Tennis Aces to name a few). And it looks like when Mario Golf: Super Rush gets released onto store shelves come 6/25/'21, I'll be expecting nothing less in regards to finding very good song candidates to cover here.

In short, for the time being in regards to Mario Golf: Super Rush, I can't put a "priority status" on this just yet, but this does warrant my putting a "PREPARE ACCORDINGLY" in my planbook for the months to come. I should be able to update this status itself as we get closer to the 6/25/'21 release date itself.

Until then, everyone; if there are obviously any changes to this status itself, I'll let you all know. Stay tuned!

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