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Where Things Stand in the Midst of the COVID-19/"Coronavirus" Pandemic

Posted by Merit Celaire on Saturday, April 11, 2020 - 12:54 AM

The above corresponding image itself is from Nintendo's mobile app installment Dr. Mario World (minus the "edit" I've done on the bottom portion of the image) - not for the fact of I'm still a huge fan of our lead Mario female, Princess Peach, but the image itself definitely represents all of us right now. This COVID-19/"coronavirus" pandenmic that we've been dealing with has been taking a horrific toll on everyone, myself included. No one has been immune to the effects that this virus outbreak has caused. This dedicated posting is to let you faithful friends/followers of these beloved music operations know that yours truly is still alive and hanging in there; however, as you can tell especially from the frontend that there has been little to no music operations updating activity. Believe me, this also saddens me as well because the same thing has happened on the backend as well. The majority of angles that I rely on in the handling of "music operations related" stuff (especially in regards to music arrangement finalization procedures) have also been closed/suspended due to the COVID-19/"coronavirus" pandemic with no official word about when they'll all get back in action again. Everyone's just waiting for official word from national/state/local authorities about when things will get back to full normalcy, and even then, that depends on what the health experts announce as the weeks forge ahead in hopes that that we'll hear good news saying that a breakthrough may have been reached that'll quell... or completely quash... this horrifying coronavirus pandemic threat over time. Until then, let's all continue to heed the advice of all the federal/state/local authorities and the medical expert community since we all have a role to play in getting this threat under control. This is also a very good time for all of us to thank everyone in the medical community for remaining on the front lines to fight this threat head on and find the much needed breakthroughs that will finally contain it once and for all.

Now to the main focus of this post itself: although this technically reiterates some of the blog entries that I have posted on this site before today regarding what effects this COVID-19/"coronavirus" threat has taken on these operations as a whole, I wanted to make sure and snag the chance to put all the "details" together here in regards to where all angles stand as we get through this horrifying pandemic. And they are as follows:

(1) Formal "10th Anniversary Statement" Document Canceled
Sadly, friends, it's with a heavy heart that because of the recent events related to this coronavirus pandemic, I had to cancel the writing of our music operation's formal 10th anniversary statement. The magnitude of this pandemic has been giving me severe mental blocks that have tried to put me in "major depression mode" many times. Although this depresses me even further that I was not able to follow through and actually do this, let me just reiterate that these operations as a whole are not shutting down. This has been and will always be my primary fan passion in regards to showing my appreciation for both Nintendo's Super Mario video game series as a whole as well as the Super Nintendo music style process that I've been doing to cover modern songs for the Wii/Wii U/Nintendo 3DS/Nintendo Switch and mobile installments under that series. And I tend to continue forging on regarding this thing for even ten more years unless the Lord who's blessed me with this musical talent tells me otherwise.

(2) Music Arrangement Procedures from the Backend: Still Ongoing
Which now brings me to this next part: thankfully, since I have my beloved "ModPlug Tracker" application installed on my house computer, I'm still able to try and find time to work on my ever increasing backlog of planned Super Nintendo music style arrangement targets to share with you in the coming months (and especially after this horrifying pandemic is declared officially quashed). As you can see on our "Music Arrangements Progress Page" here, I really have been making actual progress on the backend; however, the pandemic matters have slowed this momentum down to a crawl (and you can also blame horrifying "mental blocks" messing with my music arranger groove). But let me also make this one thing clear: I still refuse to give up on this angle especially; I just have to sort out some other things both inside and outside these operations as a whole at this time. Here's hoping that as we continue forward after this post and the "summer months" arrive, we'll have a much better outlook for that period of this 2020 year (as well as the "second half" of the 2020 year itself).

(3) Music File Finalization/New Music File Posting Procedures Currently On Hold
This is in connection with the former paragraph, but deserves a separate announcement here all by itself: because of "other angles" on my end being closed at this time until it has been officially announced that the "coronavirus pandemic" is over, I'm not able to deal with this part of the process at the moment. Of course, I will keep you all posted on if any new developments arise because I too am patiently waiting to share any new Super Nintendo music style arrangement covers with you that may come down the pipeline this year. I especially don't want to stop this process after posting this arrangement covering a song from Mario Kart Tour and these two arrangements covering songs from Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. Your patience and understanding will be greatly appreciated in advance during this trying time.

(4) Email Correspondence/Interactive Community Matters
And finally, the email correspondence and "interative community" angles of these music operations as a whole. As what was discussed in previous blog entries on this site, I still check email inquires during the course of Monday - Friday (minus any major holidays). Granted, activity on the backend is still very slow because of the pandemic, but I still try my best to check for any new inquiries received. This also applies to any new "follower requests" (for our Twitter Portal) and/or requests received to join our server at the Discord (after filling out the related form here). And yes, I still am trying to snag time to get that "Forum Portal" back in action again as well; once again, this coronavirus pandemic just had to throw a wrench in the works, but I'm determined to get that angle off my planbook as soon as I am able to do so. It's still in the "final setup stages"; keeping fingers crossed for the best.

I know that this is a lot to take in right now, but this is where everything stands at the current time as we all are fighting tooth and nail against this coronavirus threat that's been determining to cripple everything in its path. But as I stated earlier, I refuse to let this take me, or these operations, down completely; I'm definitely keeping fingers crossed and hoping for very good news to surface from the medical community as the weeks progress. Until then, all of you faithful friends/followers of these beloved music operations stay strong and safe; we'll definitely get through this together. I'm out for now.