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Extras - Other Stuff - Instrument Set Clarifications ("Disney's Magical Quest")

Posted by Merit Celaire on Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - 09:10 PM

NOTE: This specified "instrument set clarification" was originally posted as a blog entry on our previous site layout (from February 5, 2013); we have managed to recover the "source file" of this entry and do the necessary edits/modifications for its relaying to this current "home base website"'s blog entry system.

This specified page in question is to clarify the two SNES music instrument sets -- "Disney's Magical Quest 1" and "Disney's Magical Quest 2". As you all know, a few years ago those two games got GBA versions - it's just that the titles were slightly different, but the games are the same. Additionally, when checking the Game Boy Advance credits for the composers, the names were different. I just want to clarify that since I'm mainly targeting Super Nintendo instrument sets to use in my arrangements of modern Mario series musical scores, only the composers for Super Nintendo versions of said games will be targeted. Of course, they will be credited on their category of this site's Acknowledgement List.

Now to actually clarify the two Super Nintendo games themselves in question: as you may already know, to make things easier when I do arrangements using these sets, you'll see "Disney's Magical Quest 1 Arrangement" or "Disney's Magical Quest 2 Arrangement". Here's the thing: if you see an arrangement of mine posted as a "Disney's Magical Quest 1 Arrangement", that means that the Super Nintendo game in question used instrument set wise was this:

"The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse" (Capcom/Disney)

And since I'm a dedicated Disney fan, I just had to share that although I don't actually have that version, per se (crying shame, I know), I'm happy to have the Game Boy Advance version in my library, which of course is this:

"Disney's Magical Quest Starring Mickey & Minnie" (Nintendo/Capcom/Disney)

Now then, if you see that I have done an arrangement labeled using the "Disney's Magical Quest 2" instrument set, then that was targeting this Super Nintendo game in question:

"The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie" (Capcom/Disney)

Once again, I lucked out on getting the SNES version of this game, but I do have the GBA counterpart of it, but with the slightly different title:

"Disney's Magical Quest 2 Starring Mickey & Minnie" (Capcom/Disney)

I only wished they'd subtitle it with the same name as the Super Nintendo version's game name ("The Great Circus Mystery" would make sense), even though the game storyline/objective there was the same. But that's a different story which I can't write here. But anyway, this should help clear things up on the "SNES music instrument set" end of these two games.

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