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News of Site / Hosting Account Access "Issues" Due To Possible "Traffic Abuse"

Posted by Merit Celaire on Friday, December 30, 2022 - 10:56 PM

Heads-up, everyone - if you all were attempting to view this site a few hours ago (more specifcally, the early evening hours on or after 5:00 P.M.), you may have encountered that it was inaccessible due to the AwardSpace hosting administration's internal departments noticing that there was a very suspicious amount of traffic directed at this place (more specifically, they informed me that earlier today, the site encountered 9,831 hits in under one hour).

After responding to their notice about this, they managed to get our hosting account restored and active again; regardless, I'm starting to take precautions at this time including immediately doing a site backup in case another unfortunate account suspension like this happens again.

That all said, let me be clear that along with the hosting adminstration at AwardSpace, I too am literally and deeply concerned about this matter after being informed about the abnormal amount of traffic received on this site earlier today in just under one hour. This tells me that apparently someone outside of this place is solely responsible for sending that suspiciously high amount of traffic to here which triggered red flags from the site hosts prompting the account suspension. AwardSpace has zero tolerance for this kind of abuse, and I won't stand for it either. I have immediately asked the AwardSpace hosting staff to see if they have any leads in terms of who could be responsible for that "traffic overload" from earlier today so that we can review further options for contacting authorities and hold said person(s) accountable for committing this abuse against our site (and against the AwardSpace hosting service itself); I'm currently waiting to hear back from them on the matter.

Once again, our sincere apologies for the inconveniences you may have encoutered from earlier today; take care for now, everyone.

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