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Follow Up On "WiFi Hotspot Connector" Matters / Real Life Situations (Including Family and Phone Repair Related Stuff)

Posted by Merit Celaire on Wednesday, July 21, 2021 - 05:09 PM

Hey there, friends; quick follow-up on this previous posting that I made which although it affects my activity outside of these music operations, it also contributes to what's happening in my management of this place as a whole on the backend.

So first, I did manage to get an external WiFi hotspot connector to use on one of my house desktop computer's USB ports which is very good news; that said, I'm still out of the house as I'm writing this and using my town's public computers before I have to catch the bus to get back home. When I see about getting back home, I'll attempt to see about catching up on any previous correspondence that I might have missed from you all on music operations related matters, if any. I still wholeheartedly appreciate your patience in this regard.

Second, and although this may be unrelated to the above, but the other angle that has been basically stressed out like heck is actually split into two angles... first being "family matters" in which I will not disclose any details on at this time for privacy reasons and second, it's in regards to the phone that I use which has been in the shop since last Saturday afternoon... I've been irate against the folks who were supposed to see about servicing my said phone in a timely manner because their so-called "supplier" sent them the wrong parts in terms of fixing my phone... twice. They say they should have this angle corrected by tomorrow (which I seriously hope it does because not only do I want to see about getting back to my music arrangement groove here... I have a work order outside of this place to fill this coming Friday and Saturday and my getting that phone back is critical to that work).

I do apologize if this feels like a rant, but this is what has been going on with yours truly as of late. But rest assured that as I stated earlier, when I get back home, I'll see about checking on any correspondence that I may have received from you all regarding music operations related stuff and get back with you when need be. This also includes any new Discord server invite requests and/or follower requests at our Twitter profile. Your heartfelt understanding is greatly appreciated at this time; take care until next time around. I'm out.

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