We are still in a huge need for all of you who are faithful followers/listeners of these beloved music operations to join us and be a part of our "social media community" portals for the 2021 year, especially as we start our 11th anniversary journey itself. Read more details at this article to find out how you can join us via IRC, our Discord server, and on SoundCloud. Thank you.

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A Call for New Prospective Community Members/Followers To Join Us For February! (All Social Media Portals)

Posted by Merit Celaire on Monday, February 8, 2021 - 04:24 PM

As of the date and time of this posting, everyone, I'm still getting things situated and making plans on how we're going approach this beloved music operation's 11th anniversary in a little over one week from today. However, there's one thing that still needs to definitely be announced and is something that yours truly is definitely not giving on and letting up on: the need for new "social media portal" community members/followers is still way up there.

It's a challenge because of folks having to meet the criteria on this page, but I still have the faith that those folks are out there, especially in terms of if they are definite and legitimate Super Mario videogame series fans and if they are dedicated Super Nintendo music style enthusiasts. There are some who say that I should throw in the towel in regards to every social media portal" and/or other available community building angle, but I'm still determined to prove them wrong big time. And that's where you prospective candidates come in.

As you also know, our existing "social media portals" for these music operations include Twitter, Discord (via applying for an invite to our server by going here), our IRC channel (hosted on EsperNet), and SoundCloud. The latter two links you're able to join in through the respective processes there; those who attempt to submit follower/join requests via the Twitter or Discord links are subject to be reviewed and screened in an effort to prevent abuse and former troublemakers from regaining access to those area.

Finally, I'm still determined to get that "Forum Portal" area back in action during the course of this year; more details will be announced about that in another post in the coming weeks.

Until then, for all our other "social media interactive portals", once again, I'm making an honest and not conceited heartfelt plea to all you awesome people that if you still appreciate our efforts to do these Super Nintendo music style arrangement covers of the modern Super Mario (and branched) tunes, hit the respective links shared above in this blog entry and join our "follower communities", please. I can assure you that you don't want to miss out on what new Super Nintendo music style arrangement postings will be coming down the pipeline, especially as we begin this beloved music operation's 11th anniversary in due time.

Thanks in advance once again for your reading this and for your support. And to all of you who are existing members/followers of all social media portals of these music operations as a whole, thanks for continuing to stick with us all the way. I obviosuly will make sure that I won't let you down on the music arrangement content front as we get through this 2021 year (and the upcoming 11th anniversary together). I'm gone for now; see you all later.

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