IMPORTANT ARTICLE POSTED: COVID-19/"Coronavirus" Pandemic Follow-Up: The "Recovery Efforts Game Plan"
A new "follow-up" article has just been posted to announce plans to get back up to speed music arrangements content wise for these music operations during the "final two months" of this year. You can get more information about this announcement by going here.

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* COVID-19/"Coronavirus" Pandemic Follow-Up: The "Recovery Efforts Game Plan" (11/11/2020)

* New Site Form Available: Plagiarism File Reporting (10/26/2020)

* New Series Of "Twitter Polls" Begin (Targeting Featured SNES Music Instrument Sets) (9/24/2020)

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November 30, 2020
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November 30, 2020
* Paper Mario: The Origami King (10 New) (View Article)

November 23, 2020
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Really Searching For New "Followers" (Discord/Twitter Portals) For November And December!

Posted by Merit Celaire on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 - 02:59 PM

I may have elaborated on this a few entires ago before November arrived, but now more than ever, we really are in search for new members/followers to join us in both our Twitter and Discord Portals during the course of November and December. The time couldn't have been better as I get ready to see about getting new Super Nintendo music style arrangement content finalized and posted for these beloved operations in the next few weeks. And I can assure everyone here that you all don't want to miss out on what's about to come down the pipeline. (Believe me, I can't wait to share all this stuff as well that's been waiting to get finalized since earlier this year!) Hopefully during the course of tomorrow, I can write a more detailed article on the "game plan" that I'm preparing to execute shortly (especially since this article that I posted earlier this year has some stuff "nulled" because of what's been going on from the backend).

Once again, for those of you faithful friends/followers that are interest in getting a temporary invite link to join our Discord server: please make sure to fill out the form by going to this page and fill out your details. If you have an account on Twitter and want to follow our music operations' feed there, you're able to head here and submit a follower request. Keep in mind that for both "social media portal" angles, I won't be doing any reviewing procedures for new "join/follow" requests until after November 11, 2020 (because of the Veteran's Day holiday). Also, it shouldn't go without saying, but definitely make sure that you honestly and seriously meet our criteria as well to ensure your approval chances when I receive and review your join/follow requests.

Bottom line of the whole thing: if you've been waiting like heck for new Super Nintendo music style arrangement content from yours truly to be shared for these operations before this year is out and want to interact with myself and others as they all get posted in the next few weeks, this is the time to get on board with us. We appreciate your support and patience in advance; looking forward to meeting with you in both our Discord and Twitter portals very soon. See you all later.

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