Marking Our 14th Anniversary / Where Things Stand Now / Correspondence Reminder for 2/19/2024

Posted by Merit Celaire [ mailto: ]
Date: Saturday, February 17, 2024 - 01:46 PM
Category: Music Operation Happenings

Snagging the chance this afternoon to let you awesome and faithful friends/followers of these beloved music operations as a whole know that on this day fourteen years ago, yours truly started this endeavor doing Super Nintendo music styled covers of modern songs from certain Super Mario series game installments (main, spinoff, and branched). And despite some setbacks that I'm currently dealing with at this time (which were already elaborated on in previous posts), I'm still on that mission today and haven't regretted any moment of the process. Once again, I still thank the Lord for giving me this musical talent in general that I never take for granted and I also thank those of you who are still supporting yours truly who are both fans of Nintendo's Super Mario video game series as a whole, as well as those who also share that same passion with me to do the Super Nintendo music styled treatment of the "modern" Mario series game installments to this day (from the Nintendo Wii consoles all the way up to the Nintendo Switch console). Here's hoping we'll make it to the 15th anniversary next year!

Now to do a quick follow-up on where things stand at this time: first, during the course of one to two days ago, yours truly has managed to get the necessary backups of this site and other related backend materials up to date (which was announced here). Now the only hope is that during the second half of this month (and especially after the upcoming "President's Day" holiday on Monday), we can get things rolling on getting new music arrangement cover content posted. As you can see from our "Music Arrangements Progress Page", I'm hoping that we can get the upcoming stuff targeting songs from WarioWare: Smooth Moves and Mario Kart Tour posted on their respective pages before the end of this month. Remember that there were a few "hints" that were given in regards to what I might have been targeting as of late song wise between the two games; if you haven't seen those "clues" in question, please refer to this previous post.

And finally, although I'm still currently in the "weekend mode" at this time, I must remind you all that this coming Monday is a holiday as well (more specifically, "President's Day"); so that means that any music operations related correspondence from you all that gets received between now and 2/19/2024 will be reviewed the following Tuesday (2/20/2024). Just also keep in mind that I'm still dealing with getting some other major setbacks at this time, which especially includes the issues I have with Discord and my account that was hacked nearly month ago (which also is the reason why our invite link form is still temporarily closed at this time; more details can be read here if you didn't check that announcement out yet). You're still able to get a hold of me on any of the other active online forms which can be accessed from this page, however.

That's all for now as I have to step out and switch gears back to my general "weekend mode" routine. But once again, many thanks to all of you who are still standing with me on these passionate endeavors fourteen years later, and here's to many more Super Nintendo music styled arrangement covers of modern Super Mario (main/spinoff/brached) songs to come. Take care until next time around, awesome people; I'm out.

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