"Super Mario Bros. Wonder" Nominated In Five Categories for "The Game Awards (2023)"

Posted by Merit Celaire [ mailto: ]
Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2023 - 10:17 AM
Category: Miscellaneous

Good morning, friends; this post is not in relation to our music operations here but still deserves mentioning since a featured Mario game installment that we've recently added on this site to house Super Nintendo music styled arrangement covers that yours truly has been doing focused on songs from it has been getting attention from the "industry experts", and for good reason. We've gotten word that nominations for "The Game Awards (2023)" got dropped during the course of yesterday; the highly acclaimed Super Mario Bros. Wonder installment for the Nintendo Switch console has been nominated in five categories in hopes to make it to the "winners circle" come awards presentation time.

The categories in which Super Mario Bros. Wonder got nominations for include the following:

* Game of the Year
* Best Game Direction
* Best Art Direction
* Best Family
* Best Multiplayer

For more information about the upcoming Game Awards event (slated for December 7, 2023) which include the viewing of all nominees alongside Super Mario Bros. Wonder in their respective categories, check out this page. Then make sure to check back on 12/7/2023 to find out if Super Mario Bros. Wonder will grab the ultimate win in the above categories mentioned. Take care for now, all.

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