One Week Left Before Our 10th Anniversary

Posted by Merit Celaire [ mailto: ]
Date: Monday, February 10, 2020 - 04:07 PM
Category: Music Operation Happenings

Okay, so once again things may look "dormant" on the front end, but I can assure you people that I am definitely not "dormant" on the back end! In regards to where things stand as we are now counting down the days until these music operations as a whole hit the "10 year anniversary" mark next week, I am still working on getting the "forum portal" section of this site back on the scene here at last (just dealing with the final phases/finishing touches on it at this time). 

Sadly at this point, I haven't been able to do any "finalization procedures" for upcoming music arrangement files yet (due to other "outside real life obligations"), but I'm still trying my best to find room in my schedule to make more headway on this angle. They are coming, however; I  just need to reexamine this list and decide what batch/installment(s) should be targeted for our first "music file additions" of 2020.

Stay tuned, all; there's another very important post that I need to share with you faithful regarding the music arrangement content for these operations as a whole. See you all later.

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