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New Super Nintendo Music Style Arrangements for "Mar10 Day" 2021: "Paper Mario: The Origami King" (6 New Additions)

Posted by Merit Celaire on Wednesday, March 10, 2021 - 07:21 PM

Tonight as we give our shoutout for the special "Mar10 Day" shared within the entire Super Mario videogame series supporter community at large, I am pleased to do my part in posting a new set of Super Nintendo music style arrangements targeting the score of Paper Mario: The Origami King. This time around, three songs were targeted for the arrangement process, and they all were involved certain "Legion of Stationery" boss fight themes; if you've listened to the songs themselves from said game, you can tell the composers went all out on each one. I managed to see about covering three of those "Legion of Stationery" boss fight songs, all using the instrument set that was featured in Capcom's "Disney's Aladdin" game.

Another thing to note: I did two "versions" of each of the three songs; the primary version is obviously the "main theme" itself for said featured songs here in question (which includes that crucial "melody line" itself to still do the original songs themselves justice) while the secondary version is what could have been heard if we were dealing with the "ring setup process" of said boss fights in the SNES music style. The only thing that is obviously the same between both versions of said featured songs are the drumset/percussion portions as well as the "bass foundation" portion. Besides that, you may notice that I might have taken a bit of liberty on the arrangement process itself regarding the "chordal progression" setup and some other aspects of said songs where it was absolutely needed to keep the "drama" of the original tune itself (both "main version" and the "ring setup" version of it).

With that all explained, here are the three "Legion of Stationery" boss fight songs that were covered (as well as the file links to both "main theme" and "ring setup theme" versions of each one for you all to check out):

"Legion of Stationery" Boss Fight: The Elastic Entertainer (Rubber Band) - Main Theme
"Legion of Stationery" Boss Fight: The Elastic Entertainer (Rubber Band) - Ring Setup Theme

"Legion of Stationery" Boss Fight: The Shifty Sticker (Tape) - Main Theme
"Legion of Stationery" Boss Fight: The Shifty Sticker (Tape) - Ring Setup Theme

"Legion of Stationery" Boss Fight: The Fanged Fastener (Stapler) - Main Theme
"Legion of Stationery" Boss Fight: The Fanged Fastener (Stapler) - Ring Setup Theme

One last word: there has been no word on if I have any plans to cover other "Legion of Stationery" boss fight songs from Paper Mario: The Origami King at this time. We'll see how things go after I continue to get other song targets in general overall off my planbook's backlog in the coming months which, of course, isn't limited to said featured game installment mentioned here. Until then, you all know the drill: if there are any issues with your accessing said files link to above, send an email inquiry my direction. Take care, all!

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